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According to legend, the Chanfana would have emerged in the monastery of Semi de. Until the end of the 20th century. 19th, all farmers and tenants were obliged to pay the venues. Thus, the monastery received from the residents of their Couto the forums to which they were obliged. Chickens, wine, olive oil, labor days, goats and sheep, were forms of payment. During the month of August and until the day of St. Matthew, the nuns of semis received their ' laces '. Many of the residents, because they were shepherds, paid with goats and sheep. Now, as the nuns had no willingness and no means to keep such a flock, they discovered a formula to cook and preserve their flesh, enjoying the wine that was handed to them by the tenants, the laurel they had in their farm, as well as the garlic and too much Ingredients. It emerges, thus, the chanfana that was religiously kept throughout the year in the fresh cellars of the monastery. The roast beef in the wine was kept in the greasy sauce solidified for a few months.

Chanfana Delicacy

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